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Calling all brides! Let's get you ready for your big day by crafting the perfect aesthetic treatment plan with us at TEMPO.

One Year before your big day:

  • Start with a comprehensive consultations to gather wellness, skin, laser, and injectable recommendations

  • Begin a solid medical grade skincare routine per the recommendations of your provider

  • Pre book all aesthetic appointments using these guidelines!

Six - Eight Months:

  • Start treatments targeting face, neck, chest, and body using chemical peels, micro-needling

  • Consider Wellness Treatments and body contouring packages

  • Begin neurotoxin and filler treatments to target aesthetic goals!

Two - Three Months:

  • Final Injectable Visits - This allows some time in between if a touch up is needed.

  • Filler 4-8 weeks out

  • 'Toxin 4-6 weeks out

  • Final chemical peel, laser, micro needling treatments 4-8 weeks out

  • Schedule any remaining appointments

  • Restock skincare

One Month:

  • Final neurotoxin appointment 4-6 weeks out

  • Final touch up appointments

  • Customized facial service and derma planing to get your glow on! Add Gold Infusion for an extra boost!

  • IV hydration to prep for the big day!

  • It's go time!

Need help prepping for your big day? Schedule your aesthetic or wellness consultation and let's get you Bridal Ready!


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